Helica has been testing and developing a revolutionary and innovative LIDAR instrumentation: the Laser Vehicle.
The new 3D Land Mobile LiDAR System is the next frontier of technology; it integrates laser scanner and completes the information provided by the traditional methodology of airborne survey. The system was designed to perform kinematic measurements and to capture spatial points with a 360° field of view; it also provides a simultaneous recording of the laser pulse source trajectory and a reconstruction of the surrounding features (i.e., the geometry of infrastructures, road furniture, vertical elements and of a strip of territory surrounding the vehicle).
A REAL-3D point model is generated from the stored data, with the possibility to extract accurate spatial information such as topographical sections, contour lines, contour plans, the size of road elements, volumes as well as to reconstruct accurate vector models of infrastructures.
The Laser Vehicle is the appropriate tool to scan road networks as well as all the non-adjacent vertical elements up to a distance of 180 meters from the vehicle. At a speed of 100 km/h it provides a significant 3D view/relief with an accuracy over 5 cm and a resolution down to 1 cm.
Thanks to two variable-inclination sensors, working with a range of acquisition of 200,000 points per second, the instrument is capable of acquiring, at a speed of 90 km/h, approximately 15-150 points per square meter and of reducing dead zones with proper tilt and orientation of the two sensors installed on the roof of the vehicle. Two digital cameras are added to the laser sensors, for a simultaneous acquisition of georeferenced images of the target area, therefore completing the visible information and the classification of the features identified and outlined by the laser sensor. The fields of application Helica chose for the initial operations are road cadastre, urban survey and the integration with airborne remote sensing, for a perfect 3D reconstruction of the territory on wide strips of land and for the complete 3D reconstruction of urban environments.